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Tile Info

Below is some general tile information to assist you with selecting your choice of tile for your space or project and some things to consider when fixing them


Tile Maintenance

Tiles are easy to maintain.  You can sweep and spot clean them for easy quick cleaning and for more in-depth cleaning you can mop them with a pH neutral floor detergent and water, and then finish with a microfiber cloth.  Non-tile specific cleaning products, like washing up liquid and steam cleaners can actually bind dirt to the surface of a tile and cause more wear in the long term. If you need a more intensive solution, use a tile-specific cleaner from LTP.


PEI Wear Ratings

The PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute Wear) rating or grading applies to glazed floor tiles only and reflects suitability and durability for floor traffic, the industry standard ratings are listed below:


PEI 1 - Light Traffic e.g. On-suite bathrooms and bedrooms.

PEI 2 - Light/Medium Traffic e.g. areas that are walked on by soft soled or normal footwear with low traffic and occasional scratching.

PEI 3 - Medium Traffic e.g. areas that, with normal footwear, are walked on more often with small amounts of scratching and dirt. Suitable for residential kitchens, halls and corridors.

PEI 4 - Heavy Traffic e.g. areas that are walked on by regular traffic with some scratching dirt. Suitable for entrances, and commercial kitchens.

PEI 5 - Very Heavy Traffic e.g. areas that are subject to severe pedestrian traffic over sustained periods with some scratching dirt. Suitable for shopping centres, airport concourses, hotel foyers.


Slip Resistant (PTV) Ratings

Slip resistance properties of flooring materials and footwear are covered by various standards within Europe.  Floor surfaces are classified in the UK using a Pendulum Test Vale (PTV).  This test is designed to simulate the action of a slipping foot and uses a weighted swinging arm which contacts the surface of the tile with a standard rubber slider that represents the rubber sole of a shoe or a bare foot in both dry and wet conditions.

High 0 to 24

Moderate 25 to 35

Low 36+


Glass Tiles

If glass tiles or mosaics have been ordered, please ensure that the surface of the tile does not come into contact with anything that might scratch or damage the surface. The tiles are protected in transit, however please ensure that the tiles are unmarked BEFORE fixing as no claims can be entertained after the tiles are fixed.

When grouting glass tiles, care should be taken to avoid scratching the tile when cleaning the grout from the surface of the tiles.  Use a grout that is either un-sanded or super fine, suitable for glass tiles.

Cutting can be done with a score and snap tile cutter or a wet disc cutter. Always use a blade that is specifically suitable for glass tiles. Precautions should be taken to ensure Health and Safety, particularly the use of gloves and goggles.

When cleaning glass tiles, any standard glass or window cleaner may be used.