Wood effect tiles now make up almost a third of general floor tile sales!  This is huge for what could be seen as a more specific look for maybe 'country' or 'rustic' houses.  The improvements in the finish mean you can now get realistic wood effect tiles, without the maintenance or cleaning hassle.  Add this to the advantage that the natural wood look is believed to stand the test of time, you can see why it is becoming ever more popular.

Forest Natural Wood Tile

So why is grey doing so well?!

Despite the initial wood effect tile ranges coming in a variety of classic brown and beige tones, the latest trends have been for either paler, almost-white colours or a varity of grey.  Or a mixture of tones that we love to call 'greige'!!  This seems a bit at odds with the classic wood look.  The general growth of grey as a colour used in kitchens and bathrooms is a big indicator.  Also we are seeing that customers like to put a bit of a twist on the traditional.  As a result the grey wood effect tiles give the appearance of a much more modern look compared to the brown and beige colours which taps into a whole new market.

Check out our Forest range in either Forest 90x15 Blanco or Forest 90x15 Gris for a gorgeous modern grey wood tile effect that is great value at only £17.95/sqm.

Forest Grey Wood Tile

Also our very popular Albero 60x15 Maple Grey range has been reduced again to only £14.85/sqm!

Albero Maple Grey Wood Tile

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