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Best Prices Online Commitment


a)      The Company aims to ensure the Goods it sells are of high quality and at a competitive price, however if the Customer can find a retailing competitor offering a better nationwide price for the same individual product, sold with the same service conditions, the Company will lower its price to match it, including when a competitor is having a nationwide sale.  This is the Company’s Best Prices Online (BPO) commitment to never being knowingly undersold.

b)     Please note that a BPO will only be made on stocked Goods.

c)      The competitor’s product must be brand new, identical to the Company’s, be offered on the same terms, be of equivalent quality, have the same specification and be for the same pack size or quantity.

d)     A BPO will only be made on the selling price of the Goods, please note that ‘free gifts’ or ‘give aways’ are not included. 

e)      The competitor price must be inclusive of VAT and cannot include any volume discounts (e.g. bulk-buy discounts, ‘buy [number] get [number] free’), personal or membership discounts.

f)      The Company and the competitor must have stock ready for delivery.

g)     The Company must be able to verify the competitor’s price and stock position at the time of the BPO.

h)     The Company will match the price of the Goods but is not obliged to match other services e.g. delivery.

i)      A BPO cannot be used with any other offer.

j)      The decision to execute a BPO is completely down to the Company whose decision is final (whether the Customer has proof or not) and this decision is not negotiable.

k)     The Company reserves the right to withdraw or amend a BPO or the Terms & Conditions of a BPO without notice in the event of a Force Majeure or any other event outside of the Company’s control. Any changes will be notified to Customers who have submitted a BPO request as soon as reasonably possible.

l)      These Terms & Conditions do not affect the Customer’s statutory rights.

m)    BPO Steps:

  1.  The Customer must provide proof of the competitor's price (e.g. catalogue, website link or quotation document) to the Company via email to referencing that it is a BPO request.
  2.  The Company will verify the competitor’s cost and strive to respond to a BPO request within 5 working days.
  3.  Provided the Company receives the relevant information and it meets the guidelines above, the Customer will then be sent a confirmation email and relevant discount code.
  4.  The email confirmation and discount code will be valid for 1 month from the date of the email.
  5.  If the requirements for a BPO are not met, the Customer will be sent an email with a clear explanation.
  6.  For any queries on a BPO, please contact